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Love you more. Part 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or the characters.

Rating: T /PG-13 (I had originally rated this M/NC-17 but as our boys are only just meeting nothing will happen yet. When it does I will mark all M)

Author's notes: This is completely AU. Set in Jack and then Ianto’s P.O.V (I’ve written up to where they meet so it may change from there on in, as I’m not sure how it will work doing the P.O.V’s in different parts!) Also my first fic so please be nice J

Right so enjoy and let me know what you think x

Thanks for the reviews so far x

First day that I saw you, thought you were beautiful, but I couldn’t talk to you I watched you walk away.

“Jack would you just stop staring?” Owen Harper was getting tired of talking to himself. Jack had dragged him out for a drink after leaving the office and he hadn’t minded, not really a extra hour away from Diane would probably do him some good. Owens current problem was that for the last fifteen minutes Jack hadn’t said a word and Owen just knew he wasn’t listening to him either, the problem is he knew exactly why. The cute dark haired blue eyed ‘boy’ at a table not too far away.

“Why?” Jack asked “He’s hot.” Owen sighed “And obviously with his girlfriend!” Jack frowned at Owen then turned his attentions back to the young man. “That is not his girlfriend.” Owen leaned back in his seat folding his arms and looking at Jack. “And how do you know that?” Jack paused “Well…” Owen let out a snort “see you don’t do you?” Jack then leaned back mirroring Owens position his eyes never once leaving the man across the bar.

His brow knitted a little in thought. “The way he’s looking at her, the way they’re talking to each other. That is not how you’d talk to or sit with your girlfriend.” Owen Laughed “Jack its called a conversation. He doesn’t have to have tongue down the back of her throat for them to be together. That’s all I’m saying.” Jacks eyes briefly flicked over to Owen. “What the hell happened to you Harper? Wow you get yourself a girlfriend and you become all high and mighty.” Owen shifted forward to grab hold of his drink as he lifted the glass to his mouth he looked towards his friend “Oh grow up Harkness.” Jack followed suit moving forward he looked directly at his friend and raised an eyebrow. “What because you have?” Owen smirked “Just stop staring at him or you’ll freak him out okay?” Jack simply shrugged and resumed his former position this time drink in hand and continued in his task to stare at the delectable male.

Jack watches as the younger man looked down to his drink making Jack realise the glass was almost empty. “Owen?” Owen turned his head to look at Jack. “Drink up he’s nearly done so he’ll either head to the bar or leave, whichever it is we’re doing the same.” Owen could only sigh, nod his head and turn his attention back to the drink in his hand. Once Jack had the nod of conformation he pulled his attention back to the young man and his heart literally stopped as they made the briefest hint of eye contact. ‘Was he looking in this direction? At me? Oh please let it be that this beautiful specimen of a man was looking this way.’ Jack continues to watch intently as he talks to his friend both of there gazes occasionally flicking over in his direction.

He didn’t know anything about this man but oh how he wanted to. ‘Oh damn it! What do I do? He really is looking at me, is he…blushing oh he most definitely is looking over.’ He began to smile knowing that he had the attention he’d craved for the best part of his time in the pub. However the smile faded as he watched the man stand, pick up his jacket and start to the door to leave.

Owen looks to Jack with a smug grin plastered across his face “See you scared him away. Oh and look they’re leaving together.” “Whatever “ Jack replies as a frown crosses his features, he continues to watch as they get closer to the door and to him. He tries his best to smile and not look as he felt. ‘Did he just? No? He did….didn’t he? Oh he’ll be back’ A confident smile settled on Jacks face. “Coming then?“ Owen asked. “Where to?” Jack frowned slightly “You said whatever he does…” Seeing the blank expression on Jacks face and that grin seeping back through Owen continues shaking his head. “Oh forget it!”

He knew that look on Jacks face, how he thought he’d won though Owen didn’t have a clue. “Another?” he sighed as he lifted his glass. Jack nodded still grinning. Owen simply shook his head and wondered off to the bar.


Off to Cardiff tomorrow

Well I'm off to Cardiff in the morning. It was suposed to be a happy time but now I'm dreading goin to see 'my boy's' tourist office entrance. My Dad went last week and apparently there's quite a lot of Ianto things there so we're going to add our own along with a tie tied in a windor knot just for him. Here's a preview of what I've made, Im not great on the computer so it's hand made. Hope you like it.



But you never will just be a blip in time Ianto Jones not for me.



New to LJ

Well I'm pretty new to this I've been reading for a long time and now I think I'm ready to start posting! AHH (scared)
Posting what i'm not sure but *hopefully* watch this space.


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